Coil wrapping machine has it’s function expressing by this title. It’s the machine which specifically designed and built to package coil shape related products. For instance, steel coils, bearing, corrugated hose coil, cable reels, truck tyre and wire spools….. Horizontal and vertical structure are both possible solution, semi-automatic and fully automatic working modes are available to realize.

The machine has C shape rotating ring installed on the mainboard of wrapping station. The opening allows the machine to wrap the products by going through the inner core ( eye of coils ). The spool of material roll can be fixed both on the rotating ring or at side of the wrapping station depending on the film material size. It’s applicable to use variant packaging material like the stretch wrap, VCI tape, compound paper…. Wrapped products has the tight package to get protection at storage and transportation.

We have developed multiple models with different structure and functions to meet with different users and their variant products, dimension and packaging requirement.