Stretch wrapping machine has been widely used as the packaging solution for different products and objects. It’s the cold packing methods which uses stretch wrap as the main packaging material to wrap products. The fully wrapped products are protected by the outer layer, avoid to get damaged from dust, rain…. The wrapped package is able to improve the loadability, and it’s more safe to be transported.

The stretch wrapping machine is also divided into three sub-categories. Pallet stretch wrapping machine, horizontal orbital wrapping machine and coil wrapping machine. The pallet stretch wrapping machine is for pallet or skid loaded goods, the machine has pre-stretch function, available to save wrapping material and make much tighter package than the manual wrapping. Horizontal orbital wrapping machine is designed for packaging long shape products such as timber, moulding, door panels and aluminum profiles. It has high degree of automation, perfect for realizing unmanned packaging solutions. The coil wrapping machine is for wrapping coil shape products such as steel coil, cable reel and wire spools. The machine is unique and can realize different packaging goals by detailed design and adopted functions.