A New Damping Device for Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

Pallet stretch film wrap machine is quite common to see in factories and warehouses. But people who often use this machine find there is some problem with the film system of the pallet wrapper machine:

  1. The adjustment ring of the damping roller is used to adjust the friction between the damping roller and the pressure spring. However, when replacing the film rolls, the loosening and tightening actions are also affected by the rotation of the adjusting ring. Therefore, the pre-stretch degree originally pre-adjusted by the adjustment ring will be lost due to the replacement of the film. After the adjustment ring is tightly against the brake disc, it needs to be rotated again to adjust the pre-stretch degree, which will lose the original adjustment accuracy. Resulted in multiple adjustments that requires more time and make more trouble.
  2. Waste of film. Before adjusting the pre-stretching degree of the damping roller, you need to manually pull out one end of the film and wrap it around the object. Therefore, after repeated adjustments, the film will continue to be pulled out and used. Repeated adjustments are required to increase the loss of film material.
  3. The roller device causes the sticky surface of the adhesive film to face the operator, and the adhesive film is pulled out by the self rotation wheel without being bundled in the front extension of the object. The sticky surface is more susceptible to dust, slag and other foreign matter adhering to it, causing the sticky surface to be adherent to the object due to adhesion of foreign matter.

So, can there be a damping device for the stretch film wrapping machine, which mainly changes the structure of the damping roller. It should be able to controls looseness and tightness through a quick and simple structure, and is separated from the controllability of adjusting the pre-stretching degree without interfering. It will not only eliminates the need for the damping roller. It is inconvenient to manually adjust the film several times after loosening and tightening it.

This design is an intermediate roller group set between the damping roller and the film wrapping head. The intermediate roller group includes the second and third rollers. Through this structural configuration, the direction of the film winding is changed, and the sticky surface of the film is formed. The back-facing film wrapping head, that is, facing away from the operator, reduces the chance of foreign matter adhering to the adhesive surface, allowing the film to be bonded to a more comprehensive and good fit, and avoiding gaps that cause insufficient fit due to foreign matter adhesion. , the installation effect is reliable and less likely to fall off, and the movement of the film against the object is opposite to that of the operator, so the operator’s sense of stress is reduced and the stability of the working mood is improved.

Another purpose is to change the structure so that the adhesive surface of the adhesive film is opposite to the direction of the operator, so that the adhesive film can reduce the adhesion of foreign matter that affects the tightness of the bundled object.