A New Upender for Flipping Panels and Bundles

Panel is the most common and most used raw material in the furniture and construction industries. During the production process, workers often need to flip the processed panels 180 degrees to turn the plates over, making them easier to process. Due to the huge amount of use, repeated turning work often makes workers physically and mentally exhausted. So, how can we complete the flipping of the panels better and easier? Engineers came up with the idea of building a flipping machine that could flip multiple layers of panels at once. This upender machine has a wide range of uses and is mainly used in wood, furniture, metal, stamping, sheet metal, papermaking and other fields. It can also play a certain role in mold, refrigeration, steel strip, wire reel, barrel material, coil material and other industries….

In the production of furniture and wood, the upender machine is mainly used in the production process of plywood, veneer, particle board, etc., to make any turning stop of various types of panels within the range of 0-180 degrees. In the past, decorative sheet factories and furniture factories used to flip the stacks of decorative sheets after laminating them. The process could be stopped at any angle during the flipping, eliminating the need for manual flipping. You only need to use a forklift to move the bundles after they are flipped. That’s it. Save time, effort and high efficiency. The whole machine is numerically controlled, with high precision, stable operation, safe and easy to operate. It is especially suitable for double-sided sanding, whole-core veneer repair, and flipping of composite veneers.

plywood panel turnover machine bundle upender-min

In addition to being used for flipping various wooden panels, this machine is also suitable for turning over stones. It does not require manual turning of stone boards one by one, improving production efficiency and reducing costs. The upender machine adopts a hydraulic oil cylinder and is equipped with a small hydraulic oil station, so that the lifting function of the pressure plate can be controlled separately, and adjustment at any angle can be achieved, making the operation safe and reliable. The size can also be customized according to customer requirements.