Large 7 Wire PC Strand Packing Machine’s Feature

PC Strand, or prestressed concrete steel strand, is a twisted steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7 or 19 high strength steel wires and is stress-relieved (stabilized) for prestressed concrete or similar purposes. The large 7 wire PC strand wrapping machine uses vapors corrosion inhibiting technology on export anti-rust packing. Can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire, or according to the very specific requirements. The machine uses anti-rust stretch film and knit belts as well as composite paper to wrap the big PC strands. It has many advantages compare to manual packaging methods. And the key features of this machine are introduced as below:

Steel coil wrapping machine with trolley
  • It’s available to set the winding number separately. The equipment is easy to operate, random display the working status;
  • Stronger packaging performance; After the packaging, the rotating ring automatically return to initial point;
  • The packaging machine uses frequency converter to adjust the speed of the PC strand, so that the ratio of the speed of the PC strand and the winding speed of the packaging belt can be adjusted, so as to change the overlap width of the packaging belt;
  • The position of the rotary ring is adjusted by electric lifting, the performance is more stable, in order to adapt to the PC strand of different outer diameter;
  • The width of the roller frame on both sides can be electrically adjusted to adapt to different widths of the PC strands;
  • The tightness of the packing belt is adjustable; Easy operation, packaging end, automatic positioning after packaging. The rotating ring body adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can adjust the overlap degree of the winding belt according to the packaging requirements, and the inner hanging design;
  • The use of independent control cabinet, improve operability and maintainability, at the same time in the equipment main body of the same function of the operation control button and stop switch;
  • All the roller surface contact with the PC strands, roller guard are insulated and coated. Manual packing tape is required and the device automatically cut the packing tape. The driving wheel of the rotating ring is made of high quality imported polyurethane material, with high wear resistance and high temperature resistance;
  • The rotating supportive roller and side retaining rollers are made of high quality material and coated with rubber, which has strong wear resistance, can prevent the packaging wear or scratch, and will not affect the quality of the belt roll;
  • The loading car can move forward and backward through the electric guide rail, convenient loading and discharging; Stable moving, safe double station and automatic coil trolley, greatly improves the work efficiency;
  • Both manual and automatic working mode are available, automatic mode can set the product size and set the time of two operating modes;
  • The distribution box is passivated and sprayed with electrostatic epoxy powder. The distribution box is made of cold rolled steel above 1.5mm;
  • Rotary ring lifting adopts 2.5T lift.