Why is the pallet wrapping machine so popular?

Stretch film winding machine, also known as wrapping machine. It is a packaging machine that wraps the goods with stretch wrap by driving the goods on the turntable to rotate.

The principle and structure of the pallet wrapping machine are relatively simple. There are seven or eight series of products developed so far, such as turntable pallet pre-stretch wrapping machine (standard machine), online pallet stretch wrapping machine, self-propelled pallet stretch wrapping robot machine, cylinder wrapping machine, explosion-proof type wrapping machine, weighing scale type wrapping machine, top-pressing type wrapping machine, etc. But why is the pallet wrapping machine so popular in the market?

First of all, the mechanical operation is simple. The main components are the turntable below and the film release frame next to it. When in use, lower the film frame to the bottom, place the goods on the turntable, put the wrapping film on the film frame, and pass through the rollers following the film loading guiding way.

Then, start the turntable motor to make the turntable rotate, and the film will be wound at the bottom of the goods. When the number of winding turns reaches the level you need, press the film holder up button to raise the film holder to the required position (photoelectric induction); Press the film holder descend button to lower the film holder to the bottom. Repeat the above process to complete the packaging, and machine will stop automatically to end the wrapping.

Secondly, it is cost-effective and has the following characteristics: 1. The structure of the winding machine is more stable. 2. Digital electronic control loop, high stability, long life and low failure rate. 3. Start and stop the device slowly to prevent the upper packaging from falling. 4. Touch screen operation, easy to operate. 5. The upper and lower packaging can enter data settings. With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous improvement of technology, today’s winding machines all use PLC control technology, and most of the equipment can be operated automatically, even unmanned, which greatly reduces the labor force and improves the packaging efficiency.

Finally, the winding machine can be used in combination with the unpacking machine, palletizer machine, carton or box sealing machine, baler and other equipment and conveying equipment of related assembly line equipment, and it can play its role better. This is also the main reason why the winding machine is so popular with all enterprises.

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