What are Good Packaging Materials Suitable for Packing Coil?

Steel coil is a product with large volume and heavy weight. It is prone to rust and other damage due to improper packaging during transportation and storage. Especially in the import and export business, products are easily rusted due to salt contamination during shipping. Therefore, good packaging is crucial to the sales of steel coils. The use of packaging materials helps the steel coil products to be protected from environmental impact or any other damage while being transported from one place to another. The industry uses many different packaging methods and packaging materials. These methods and materials vary depending on the transportation method of the steel coil, material properties and storage environment.

Several Different Types of Steel Coil Packaging Materials

BUHE is a globally recognized provider of corrosion protection solutions for steel coils. We offer a wide range of steel coil packaging materials. Some of them are as follows:

OD/ID Protector and Protex
VCI HDPE paper
VCI Crepe Paper
VCI coarse cloth paper
VCI power stretch
VCI strong fabric
VCI Scrim Tight Film

Advantages and Features of These Steel Coil Packaging Materials

BUHE offers different independent solutions for different packaging requirements. You can customize your packaging design using different packaging machines and packaging materials based on various factors such as cycle time, packaging requirements, level of automation required, and more. Our fully automatic horizontal steel coil wrapping machine is suitable for packaging steel coils with diameters, widths and weights up to 2500 mm, 2400 mm and 35 tons respectively. Ultra-high automation and ultra-high packaging speed enable the consumption of packaging materials to reach up to 20 rolls/hour.

VCI film for wrapping steel coils

VCI packaging material is indeed a very good material for steel coil packaging. It provides strong multi-layered protection to steel coil products so that they will not come into contact with the environment or cause any damage. If you run a factory engaged in steel coil production, VCI packaging material is a very good and economical packaging material. However, if you don’t have an automated steel coil wrapping machine, the entire wrapping process can seem difficult. Its thickness will also appear to be very difficult to control, and it is difficult to fold the packaging material evenly around the steel coil with manual wrapping. Therefore, while choosing good packaging materials, it is also necessary to invest in packaging equipment.