Pallet stretch wrapping robot a model of innovation

At present, the pallet wrapping machine market is mainly dominated by the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine and the turntable pallet stretch wrapper, among which the turntable pallet stretch wrapper is the most common and the most used type of pallet wrapping machine. Its characteristics are: large body, heavy weight, inconvenient to move, but the advantage is a wide range of packaging specifications, and the price is very cheap. However, compared to some special goods, such as fragile products, easy to skew loads, oversized goods, cuboid in shape, etc., the fixed factor of this machine that requires the packaged goods to rotate on the turntable to wind by stretch film also brings inconvenience to the packaging of these goods.

self propelled pallet wrapper machine

The self-propelled pallet stretch wrapping robot is the crystallization developed to make up for this technical gap. Guided and steered by the touching wheel, it can actively detect the size and height of the palletized loads, and can walk and rotate around the goods independently according to the set number of turns, height, stretching rate, etc. Wrapping the goods tightly.

battery type self propelled pallet stretch wrapper

The self-propelled pallet wrapping robot has controllable selection of various wrapping modes. Reciprocating up and down, single up or single down, fixed position reinforcement in the middle, manual selection, etc. It uses a lead-acid battery as a power source, and there is no AC power line connection during operation, so there is not much restriction on the volume of packaged goods. Even if the size of the load is 3 meters or larger, it can easily handle it. The self-propelled pallet stretch wrapper can move at any time, and can be put into work when it is transported to the site. This greatly saves the space of workshops and warehouses.

Robotic pallet stretch wrapping machine

This robotic self-propelled pallet wrapper is powerful and quiet. Select programmable PLC control system. All parameters can be easily adjusted on the control panel, and the control panel adopts HMI display, which is easy to operate. The machine is equipped with a flip type film carriage. The film loading is quick and convenient, and the efficiency is high.