The “giant” in packaging equipment: ton bag packaging machine

Ton bag packaging machine, as the name suggests, is a device that can pack materials with a weight of up to tons. Due to its large filling port and fast feeding speed, this equipment has become a veritable “giant” in packaging equipment. The use of ton bag packaging machine can give full play to the advantages and value of mechanical equipment, not only can save a lot of labor, reduce labor intensity, but also greatly improve the measurement accuracy, operation efficiency and safety assurance of operators, it can be said to be a powerful weapon of wealth for large manufacturers.

At present, the most commonly used ton bag packaging machine can adjust the packaging weight between 500KG-1000KG. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, dust removal and pallet conveying. High degree of automation, high packaging precision, adjustable packaging speed, and can be used for the packaging of granular materials and powder materials. The filling volume per hour can reach about 20 bags, the filling accuracy is ±0.5%, the filling technology is mature, the control panel adopts touch screen and the operation is simple, to make everything under control.

In recent years, many manufacturers are very interested in ton bag packaging machine equipment, especially in chemical industry, building materials, grain, feed, minerals and other industrial applications that require large-scale product packaging. These industries not only require fast packaging of products, but also require certain specifications and rigor. The ton bag packaging machine equipment is precisely the equipment that can replace manual packaging and has high accuracy. The ton bag packaging machine is undoubtedly the best choice to meet the production requirements. It brings great convenience to industrial production and has become an indispensable and powerful equipment for these manufacturers.

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