Best Packaging Way to Protect Office Partition Screens

Office partition screens are a cost-effective way to bring personal workspace into the office. Fabric desk dividers can be installed on large desk groups to create semi-private spaces that offer all the benefits of a traditional “cubicle” style office without the hassle of following work and without reducing the floor space within the office. If your workplace doesn’t have a meeting room set up already, you can also use Office Screen to create one easily and cost-effectively.

Office partition screens are also great at reducing noise in the office. Office screens are made from thick interior panels and are upholstered in foam-backed acoustic-grade fabric, a structure that makes it harder for sound waves to travel through the space. And in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, office partition screens have also become a popular material to reduce the spread of disease through offices.

The production of office partition screens is not complicated. Generally, wooden screen core is cut into specific height and width dimensions on a panel saw according to the customer’s requirements. The edges and grooves required to form partitions in a specific style are manufactured by CNC equipment. Once the screen is manufactured, the core material is assembled into the product, typically using a durable flame retardant furniture fabric to upholster the screen.

Compared with other products, the packaging of office partition screens is more complicated and consumes much more manpower and material resources, mainly because it is relatively fragile, bulky and expensive in price.

First of all, workers need to carefully pack the finished office partition screens one by one in protective polyethylene and protective cardboard, and then add foam corners to the four corners of the screen to protect the screen during transportation. In order to prevent the packaging cardboard from loosening and falling off, it is also necessary to wrap the wrapped products as a whole. It is very difficult to manually wrap the office partition screens because of their large size, high difficulty of operation, and rapid physical exertion. The best way is to choose a horizontal stretch wrap machine to wrap the office partition screen.

Large bundle wrapped by orbital wrapper

The horizontal stretch wrapping machine can be customized according to the size of your product. Workers only need to place the office partition screen product wrapped in cardboard on the feeding conveyor of the machine. After the machine senses the product, it will automatically start conveying, wrapping, A series of operations such as film breaking, and finally the wrapped products are automatically transported to the unloading conveyor and then manually removed. The entire packaging process is simple and efficient, the machine is convenient with automated operation, saving time and effort.

Automatic horizontal orbital wrapping machine for door panels

BUHE provides orbital wrapping machine for office partition screen wrapping

This orbital wrapper is a good equipment to wrap both single pieces of office partition screens and bundles of office screen products. The orbital wrapper is avvailable for customizing its size to fit to the product’s dimension. The turning ring of this orbital stretch wrap machine can have a diameter up to 3 meters, capable to work with super wide office partition screens.