Horizontal online coil wrapper is good to wrap steel coils

Due to the good packaging effect and high efficiency, stable operation, the stretch wrap machine has a wide range of applications. According to different packaging materials, stretch wrap machines on the market are mainly divided into two types, one is stretch film wrapping machine, and the other is antirust paper wrapping machine. Stretch film has good ductility and saves packaging materials, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. It is mainly used in the traditional logistics industry. For instance, the pallet stretch wrap machine is used to wrap the entire palletized goods. It can prevent the packaged goods from falling, dust-proof, and moisture-proof; The anti-rust paper has good toughness but poor tensile performance, not easy to break. Anti-rust paper wrapping is mainly aimed at the metallurgical and building materials industry, wrap metal rings such as steel strips (bearings/steel wire│steel rings/aluminum strips, etc.) to prevent moisture, rust, and protect the surface of the goods and so on. According to the degree of automation, it is also divided into stand-alone wrapping machine and online wrapping machines. The degree of automation of stand-alone wrapper is low and requires a lot of human assistance. The degree of automation of online wrapper is high and does not require or rarely requires manual assistance. The traditional coil wrapping machine can only wrap anti-rust paper or stretch film, and it is generally operated by a single machine with a low degree of automation. This puts forward higher requirements for the market. How to achieve simultaneous packaging of stretch film and anti-rust paper? realize automatic packaging.

This horizontal online coil wrapping machine makes up for the shortcomings of the existing technology. It is a wrapping machine that can simultaneously wrap stretch film and antirust paper, has the functions of conveying and automatic cutting of antirust paper, and is simple and convenient to operate.

The horizontal online coil wrapping machine is characterized in that: it includes a conveying station and a horizontal ring winding station; the conveying station includes a roller conveyor and a cone roller jacking mechanism; the horizontal ring winding station includes a base , Swivel moving parts, left and right moving mechanism, up and down moving mechanism, automatic material feeding mechanism, automatic material loading mechanism and automatic material breaking mechanism.

This coil wrapper is a kind of packaging equipment designed and produced for wrapping steel coils. It can carry out horizontal online core-through winding wrap on the surface of incoming steel coils. It can wrap two kinds of packaging materials, paper tape and stretch film, respectively. In order to make the steel coil play the role of dustproof and rustproof, and has the function of conveying and automatically cutting off the material, the operation is simple and convenient. All specifications of circular goods within the specified range can be automatically wrapped. Paper loading, paper cutting are all done automatically by the equipment. The wrapping is automatic, the number of winding can be set for the start and ending, the overlapping amount of windings in the middle part can be adjusted, which is suitable for wide application.