Pallet changer with clamps efficient for replacing pallets of robust goods

If you are looking for a cheap pallet changer as the machine to exchange your palletized loads of robust goods, then we strongly recommend you with our pallet changer with clamping methods. There are clamps to fix the goods firmly from the two sides before changing the pallets. The machine is suitable to use pallet truck to load the goods, unnecessary to have the forklift and forklift man for doing the operation.

The clamping mechanism is an important part of the pallet changers. It’s used to fix the palletized goods and suitable for variant pallets with different dimensions. Whether you are exchanging the Euro standard pallets to hygienic plastic pallets or system pallets to one-way pallets for shipping and delivery, the pallet changer machine made by BUHE Technology is reliable and help you to finish the work quickly.

Pallet changer, pallet tipper, pallet exchanger machine

The high quality pallet changer which designed and manufactured by BUHE Technology is able to manage about 40 times of pallet exchanging within one hour. Furthermore, it’s also very easy to built the pallet exchanging machines in to a fully automatic line, fined integration by the automatic conveyors and the whole system is controlled by one control system, one PLC program.

Although our clamp style pallet changer is cheap, but its efficiency is really high which can be up to 40 pallets each hour. The machine is suitable for using for poor quality pallets. Our clamp type pallet changer takes up limited space which is very easy to install. You can use a pallet truck to load the palletized goods, it’s not complicated to replace the inferior pallets just by working with this pallet changer machine. Operator can easily flip the whole load and take down the old pallets and replace with a new pallet. It’s particular suitable for working in food and pharmaceutical industries where it’s often need to replace the high quality pallets which they use inside their plant for hygienic reasons to the cheap shipping pallets.

Besides, with the help of our pallet changers you can save lots of work and get a promise on the work efficiency than doing all the work manually. Think about this situation, when we want to unstack a load of boxes which is 2 meters tall to replace a broken boxes at the bottom. We need to work about one hour if it’s by manual work, and the frequent bending can make our workers hate our working environment and quit their jobs more oftenly. But with this pallet changer, the worker just do nothing than load the goods to the machine, turn over the whole load and replace the damaged boxes then turn the whole load back.