Pallet Exchanger Used to Flip 680kg Loads in 30 Seconds Easily

Pallet exchanger launched by EZturner, USA is about 1.5 meters high. It has a semi-circular shape and looks like a forklift. This pallet exchanger does not require electricity, and can replace a pallet with a load of 680kg of goods in 30 seconds by manpower.

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The pair of double forks equipped on the pallet exchanger can not only load and unload goods, but also serve as a clamp to fix goods to prevent the goods from tipping over and shaking during the flipping process. The biggest feature of this pallet exchanger is that it can use the load’s own gravity to easily move or turn up to 1500 pounds (about 680kg) of goods in less than 30 seconds. It can be operated manually by one person independently without a motor; changing pallets is very fast and labor-saving, and there is no need for manual handling and manual stacking, which reduces the risk of back injuries caused by manual handling. The application industry of this pallet exchanger is also very wide, including printing, food, medicine, cosmetics, packaging and other industries.

Design Inspiration

EZturner originally designed this tool mainly for printing plants. In the production workshop of a printing factory, turning over the paper pile is a common and frequent operation process. The pallet exchanger can improve the productivity of the workshop, quickly turn over the paper pile, and ensure that the paper pile does not deviate. At the same time, the pallet exchanger can also be used in conjunction with the printing press to improve aeration, powder, paper conveying and other problems.

However, nowadays, the function of this pallet exchanger is not only suitable for printing factories. For other loads that need to be rotated, such as buckets, boxes, machines, etc., this pallet exchanger can also be used to replace pallets without manual lifting and stacking of the goods.