How to integrate steel coil wrapper and downender machine?

Stainless steel coil is the most widely used raw material in our social production and construction. It has the characteristics of large volume and super heavy weight. In the production process of stainless steel coils, steel coil slitting is often the last process before it leaves the factory. Large stainless steel coils can be cut into more than 10 pieces of narrow steel strips when passing through the stainless steel coil slitting equipment. In this process, the stainless steel coil needs to go through the uncoiling and rewinding processes successively, and the stainless steel coil is always in a vertical position during the whole process.

The slitted stainless steel coil also needs to go through the packaging process before leaving the factory. However, the automatic steel coil wrapping packaging machine is often designed with a horizontal structure, and the stainless steel coil needs to be kept horizontal at all times during the winding and packaging process. We know that a coil downender can be used to convert large, heavy weight coils from vertical to horizontal position. However, for large-scale steel coil production enterprises, the output per hour is huge, and the available human resources are very tight. How to realize automatic turn over is an important research object to break through the production bottleneck.

This in-line coil upender may help us solve that problem. Based on the design of the original steel coil downender machine, the equipment adds a motorized roller conveyor line, which can be directly connected with the production equipment and production line of the enterprise. After the steel coil transverser in the workshop directly feeds the steel strips to the V-shaped workbench of the steel coil upender machine, the machine automatically turns the steel coil. After the turn over, the steel coil will be automatically conveyed to the wrapping station of the automatic steel coil wrapping machine through the conveyor line, and then the automatic steel coil wrapping machine will wrap the stainless steel coil for packaging.