What is the role of the coil turning machine?

The steel coil turning machine is a machine that can make super heavy products such as steel coils, aluminum coils, etc. to be turned 90 degrees. The structure of the device is simple, and the control system is clear and effective. The machine is driven by a motor, the daily maintenance is simple, and its operation steps are also very easy, and workers can use this equipment without special training.

So what kind of convenience can this device provide?

Coil turning machines are generally used in steel mills and iron products processing plants. When we package and ship steel coils, considering the potential safety hazards caused by their huge weight, most of them are stacked on wooden pallets before delivery. When buyers use steel coils, since most of their decoilers are vertical structures, they need to turn a single steel coil 90 degrees to facilitate the use of cranes or hydraulic trolleys for feeding the steel coil to their decoilers. In this process, although the coil turning machine only makes a simple 90-degree turn, its necessity is indeed very important in the entire iron product production process.

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