A 90° Hydraulic Coil Upender Designed and Manufactured for Steel Mill

The hydraulic coil upender is a device that can tilt large steel coils by 90° to achieve the turning of steel coils. Compared with the electric coil upender, this machine uses the hydraulic cylinders to drive the turning body instead of chains and gears. It can tilt the steel coils quickly and extremely safely, avoiding load suspension and other dangerous operations. This steel coil upender machine is becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing industry where it’s often to have heavy steel coils needed to be turned over.

In order to be able to withstand harsh working environments, this hydraulic coil upender is designed and manufactured to be very sturdy. The dead weight of this coil upender is more than 5 tons, and the loading deck is covered with 20 mm thick steel plates. In addition to the sturdy body, the performance of the machine is also very good. It can turn over a 30-ton steel coil by 90° within just 60 seconds. In terms of the configuration of the motors, we use 2 geared motors with a total power of 15 kW. If one of the motors fails for any reason, the machine can continue to operate at half speed with only one motor. This coil upender can be controlled by remote control or wired hanging operating handle. The operator doesn’t need to stand near the machine, they can keep a safe distance with the machine when it’s in operation.

BUHE has been producing these coil upenders for steel companies in the United States, Europe and Oceania for many years. Each of our upenders can be customized according to customer requirements, with the design plan specified down to every detail.