Problems and troubleshooting of shrink packaging machine

The circuit of the heater of the heat shrink packaging machine is to set a magnetic switch in the power circuit, and then reach the electric heating tube. Therefore, during the use process, it is necessary to check whether the operation of the magnetic switch can be carried out normally. If any node and phase If it cannot be docked normally, it may cause the abnormality of the heat shrink packaging machine. During the operation of the heat shrink wrapping machine, the short circuit of the line will also cause the equipment to work abnormally, which requires the smooth and stable power supply from time to time, and the relevant staff should do a good job in this link.

The packaging materials of the heat shrink packaging machine are mostly various film materials. The equipment completes the corresponding packaging operations through the continuous operation of the packaging film, which requires the smooth and accurate operation of the packaging film and affect subsequent work.

During the working process of the shrink film packaging machine, if the packaging film is offset, it is necessary to adjust the film roll position and tension balance in time. If the adjustment is invalid, it is necessary to change the angle of the triangle plate in a short time in order to solve problems quickly.

Many heat shrink wrapping machine operators responded the ineffective sealing of the packaging film and did not know how to solve it quickly, which greatly affected the efficiency of the work. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this problem. The operator should be good at quickly finding the correct reason. Then targeted solutions.

To use heat shrink packaging machine to achieve better shrinking effect, please remember five points: adjust temperature, adjust speed, air speed and air volume, shrink film quality, furnace length. In addition, the puncture of the shrink film is mainly aimed at the case of the whole package of the shrink film. When the user’s product needs to be fully packaged, some small holes must be pierced on the surface of the shrink film, so that the gas in the film can be emitted through the small holes during shrinkage. , otherwise the gas is in the package, and the package will bulge.

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