Pros and cons of the hydraulic tilter

Hydraulic overturning machine is a type of machine that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic power and then pushes the turning body of the equipment to tilt by hydraulic power.
Through a specific design, it can be applied to the turn over of different objects and products. Because of its specific characteristics, the hydraulic overturning machine is particularly handy in the fields of flipping injection molds and pallet goods. Its market share is relatively high and has an irreplaceable important position.

Compared with the electric-mechanical design of the tilter machine, the hydraulic tilter machine has certain advantages, but there are also some unavoidable disadvantages.

Hydraulic tilter turn over heavy rolls, barrel and buckets
Hydraulic tilter turn over heavy rolls, barrel and buckets

As far as its structural design is concerned, in the case of the same overturned object and load, the level of the work surface of the hydraulic overturning machine is usually much lower than that of the electric type of overturning machine. This is because the telescopic principle of the hydraulic cylinder releases the space it needs, while the electric overturning machine carries the weight through the rollers, which makes the turning object larger and heavier, the higher the turning table it is. The lower turning table is more conducive to the operation of the operator. When the overturned object is light, its also available to use pallet jack/truck to load and unload the goods.
However, in terms of energy consumption of the machine, the hydraulic type overturning machine appears to be at a disadvantage. Because it needs to convert the mechanical power of the motor into the hydraulic power of the hydraulic system and then push the hydraulic cylinder to do mechanical movement, compared with the electro-mechanical overturning machine which directly uses the mechanical power of the motor to drive the operation of the equipment, it’s energy consumption is much higher, so does the device noise is much louder.