How to make the package for palletized goods?

The so-called pallet packaging is to fix the goods to be loaded and stacked on the pallet through various commonly used fixing methods to form an integral unit. Easy to carry. It’s a packaging method to improve work efficiency. Fixing methods usually include binding, wrapping or gluing, etc.,

When packing the pallets, the stability and firmness of the goods must be ensured. If there are boxes to be palletized, they should be stacked neatly and intertwined with each other. Try not to use pyramid stacking, which has the worst stability and may cause the loaded goods to be damaged by other goods. At the same time, the boxes are kept from protruding beyond the edge of the pallet. If the boxes are not filled to the brim, they will quickly be crushed by other goods on the pallet. A box ideally can support 4 to 5 times its own weight in gravity. Voids within the box will reduce its ability to stack, causing damage or making the pallet weak. Before sealing the box, make sure to fill all voids with cushioning material (foam or corrugated cardboard).

For drum goods, if we need to fix the drum to the pallet. Drums filled with liquid are heavy and care must be taken not to exceed the capacity of the pallet. Corrugated sheets must be placed between the drum and the pallet. The size of the corrugated board cannot be smaller than the base size of the drum. Corrugated boards reduce wear and avoid punctures in the binding. Do not allow drums to hang over the edge of the pallet. Try to keep the load in the center of the pallet. When there are multiple drums, they must be fastened tightly together. Take up as little surface area as possible on the pallet.

Methods for making the pallet packaging:

  1. Strapping: Two or more items will be fixed together on pallet. Binding can increase the integrity of the goods and reduce the loss and damage that may occur due to loose items during transportation. Strapping material: Metal straps and plastic straps are commonly used to bundle packages and pallets horizontally and vertically. Steel straps are mainly used for metal strapping, while plastic strapping straps are mainly used for non-metallic strapping, both of which need to meet national standards. Steel belts are better than plastic materials and are used in transportation to keep the goods from being damaged. The strapping ensures that the shipped items do not come loose from the separator material.
  2. Pallet wrapping: Use plastic wrap, composite paper, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic film unit goods for full or half wrapping. Full wrap is divided into stretch wrap and shrink wrap. We can choose to use pallet stretch wrapper which is the specific machine designed for wrapping palletized loads by stretch film. The machine has pre-stretch function, it can save much more stretch film to reduce to costs of wrapping material while making more tight and more neat wrapping than hand wrapping.

Double packaging:
Double packaging is to make both strapping and wrapping to palletized loads, it gives the goods one more layer of protection. According to the needs of customers, there are many forms to choose from. Double packaging also has the advantage of reducing theft and damage risks.