Low Duty Pallet Changers Made by BUHE

Pallet changers are designed to provide a reliable and efficient way to turn palletized loads for housekeeping, display, hygiene or safety reasons. Pallet changers are suitable for all types of loads and pallets and can be changed by tilting, rotating, pressing or pushing the loads. The operator transfers the loads onto the workbench, the pallet changer rotates the product along with the pallet 180 degrees to provide access to the bottom. Change the loading pallets from wooden to plastic pallets, remove damaged pallets and replace with new ones without having to disassemble the product. Damaged goods/product packaging at the bottom can also be replaced more quickly without having to unpack the entire stack of goods.

About Low Duty Pallet Changers

Pallet tipper, pallet inverter-the pallet changing machine

The low duty pallet changer is a pallet inverter designed for small and medium-sized companies that need to turn 15-20 loads per day. This pallet flipping machine has been designed and manufactured with economical manufacturing costs in mind, enabling a quick and safe conversion from wooden pallets to plastic pallets, slip pallets or rental pallets. This ergonomic pallet handling solution will provide security and increase productivity in your warehouse.

This flexible and lightweight pallet changer is ideal for tasks such as swapping one pallet for another and flipping loads to easily remove and replace damaged products. The capacity of this pallet changer is 4,000 lbs., and bench dimensions are 47″ x 47″. The radio handheld remote control makes this pallet changer easy to operate, allowing your team to work faster and with fewer errors. Emergency stop button with red mushroom shape easy to find, for increasing the safety of equipment use.

This pallet changer runs by a 6 HP motor, available in 3-phase configurations from 380V-480V to meet any power requirement. Other key specifications include a minimum jaw opening of 20 inches and a maximum jaw opening of 87 inches, an adjustable total system pressure of 16 MPa, a working width of 92.5 inches and a working depth of 72 inches (excluding guardrail dimensions).

Why Choose BUHE as Your Low Duty Pallet Changer Supplier?

BUHE Technology Ltd has dedicated experts who can help you choose the ideal models to fit your needs and budget, saving your time and avoid troubles. We can also customize many of our machines to meet your special requirement. We set our goal as to provide safe, efficient, ergonomically designed pallet handling machines that can help our customers to solve their problems 100%.