Paper corner in pallet wrapping

Paper angle protectors, also known as paper protection corner or angle protection board, edge protection board, angle paper and paper angle steel, are made of yarn paper and kraft liners through a complete set of angle protectors. Both ends are smooth and flat, without obvious burr, perpendicular to each other, and can be 100% recycled instead of wood. It is an ideal new green packaging material.

The bending paper corner protector is made of kraft liners and multi-layer bobbin papers by multi roller pressing and gluing. The angle protector is at a 90 degree angle, and the edges have equal and unequal edges. The method is as follows: the surface is smooth and flat without obvious burr. The appearance is mainly L-shaped and U-shaped, which fully conforms to the ROHS environmental substance control standard. It is a kind of green packaging material, which can be 100% recycled instead of wood.

Curved paper corner protectors come in many sizes. The width of corner protection is from 30mm to 100mm, and the thickness is from 2.5mm to 8mm. The length can be arbitrarily cut according to requirements, and can also be stamped into various shapes according to customer requirements. Print flags.
The angle protector of bending paper is used together with the pallet to strengthen the overall packaging of the pallet and prevent the goods from tilting and collapsing; When the bending paper corner protector is placed outside the carton for packaging, it can protect the carton from being damaged by the binding belt. Strengthen the strength of the edges and corners of the carton. Placing the bent paper corners at the inner corners of the carton can enhance the stacking strength of the carton and make the packaging more firm, greatly improve the loadability of the wrapped loads on pallet.

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