Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Packaging-Visual Transport Packaging

About Lachenmeier

Lachenmeier is an intelligent manufacturer specializing in packaging production of stretch hood machines and film technology. The headquarters is in Denmark, with sales and service branches and offices in the UK, Germany, Brazil, the United States, China. As of today, they have sold more than 1,000 machines and are a well-known professional stretch hood machine supplier in the industry.

Lachenmeier-Supplier of Stretch Hood Machine

Stretch hood film is a film that can shrink without heating. It is widely used in petrochemical, home appliances, beverages, building materials, tobacco and other industries. Lachenmeier’s unique sharp-angle patented technology EP1184281 can successfully eliminate the shortcoming of thinning of the film on the side of the pallet. Without this technology applience, a 30% thicker film would have to be used.

The main features of Lachenmeier are a simple, easy-to-maintain film feeding system, a unique vacuum, mechanical film opening system, a hydraulic stretching device, and an encoder monitoring application that makes the film loading process visible and greatly optimized. At the same time, the machine can also process many films of different textures and thicknesses, ranging from about 40 to 200 microns. It is an intelligent concept product that integrates machines, plastic films and services.

Advantages of Stretch Hood Packaging

In addition to the traditional packaging, stretch hood film has the characteristics of transparency, automated packaging and cost reduction, which improves the aesthetics of the outer packaging.

Characteristics of Stretch Hood Packaging

Cost: Stretch hood packaging has obvious advantages and lower cost;

Efficiency: Stretch hood packaging can basically realize full automation.

Compared with Carton Packaging:

The cost of cartons continues to rise, and the cost of stretch hood film materials is only 30% of that of cartons. Stretch hood packaging is waterproof, moisture-proof, transparent, and can realize fully automated packaging.

Compared with Heat Shrink Wrap Packaging:

The stretch hood film does not require heating, the film will not adhere to the packaged items, and there is no risk of ignition. It reduces many safety hazards and reduces energy costs.

Compared with Stretch Wrap Packaging:

Stretch film cannot be waterproof, dustproof, transparent for code scanning, has poor clamping force, and has poor tilt stability.

It can be seen that stretch hood packaging has the following cost advantages: reducing packaging materials; realizing automation and high-speed packaging, saving packaging costs; warehouse management costs, greatly saving warehouse floor space.

stretch hood packaging for home applience

Taking the packaging of 300,000 sets washing machine as an example, if packed in cartons, about 1,000 tons of packaging materials are needed, and 100 trucks are needed to transport these packaging materials; if stretch hood packaging is used, only 100 tons of film are needed, and the transport trucks are only 5 units are enough.

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