Stretch Hood Used in Chemical Industry for Wrapping Pallets and Ton Bags

The requirements for packaging in chemical industry are relatively high. During transportation, product packaging needs to be able to protect the product intact. Since chemical raw materials are generally flammable materials, the equipment is required not to use flames or electric heating to shrink the packaging materials during the product packaging process. The stretch hood packaging system is the best packaging solution to solve such problems.

Depending on the required stability and its pressure sensitivity, chemical products can be secured to pallets using stretch hood packaging. The stretch hood machine uses cold stretch hood technology to ensure that the welds of the film are even and stable when the film is over-pre-stretched. The film collection and vertical stretching technology of the stretch hood machine and the application of the bottom stretching program ensure the load stability of the packaged pallets.

Ton bag wrapped by stretch hood machine

The stretch hood machine maximizes efficiency by connecting to palletizers, pallet distributors, etc. In the chemical raw material production workshop, when the ton bag machine completes filling a ton bag, the conveyor will send it to the station of the stretch hood machine. The stretch hood can detect the height of the ton bag through an ultrasonic sensor, and then the PLC control system automatically calculates the required length of the stretch hood film. The stretch hood machine is equipped with four mobile film suction devices and four mechanical clamps to collect the film during the film opening process. The film heat sealing and cutting system is configured on the top of the equipment. After the film is completely pulled down, the automatic heat sealing system clamps the film to heat seal the top film. After heat sealing is completed, the film will be cut off automatically.

The four stretching arms equipped with the machine stretch the film to the set width through servo motors. After the film stretching is completed, the PLC automatically controls the lifting motor to descend and place the film on the stack. The collision detection module is placed below the stretching arm. When the collision detection module detects that the stretching arm reaches the bottom of the pallet, the lift motor stops descending and packaging is completed. Finally, the hoist motor is reset to the high position.

The QCS system of the stretch hood machine lifting system is loaded with 4 chain drives, and uses both sides instead of one side to drive the frame to move vertically up and down to avoid damage to the moving parts due to torsion. Ensure the safety and stability of the machine when it’s running up and down at high speed and prevent it from tilting.

Advantages of Stretch Hood Machine:

  1. The automatic stretch hood replaces the traditional manual wrapping, making the stack more stable, increasing the output, and making the operation quick and convenient.
  2. Using stretch hood film instead of ordinary stretch film can save costs for enterprises.
  3. The stretch hood machine takes up little space and is easy to install.
  4. The equipment adopts modular design, making the connection and assembly of the equipment easier.
  5. The equipment is suitable for general pallets.
  6. Using variable frequency drive, servo mechanism and PLC produced by Siemens, the operation is stable and reliable. Human-computer interaction is also very easy to use.
  7. The perspective effect is good, and the product can be seen at a glance. The barcode under the film is clear and easy to read.
  8. 5-sided sealing protection, dustproof, moisture-proof, and anti-theft, reducing damage during transportation and storage.
  9. Higher packaging performance.
pallet stretch hooder used to package chemical bags

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