Palletizer is a great revolution

With the advancement of technology and the acceleration of the modernization process, people’s requirements for handling speed are getting higher and higher. Traditional manual palletizing can only be applied to the occasions where the material is light, the size and shape change is large, and the throughput is small. Can not meet the needs of the mass production industries, so the palletizing robot is invented.

A palletizing robot is a robot that neatly and automatically stacks the packaged goods on the pallet. Its appearance in practical application greatly improves productivity, reduces the work intensity of workers, and also plays an effective role in guaranteeing the personal safety of workers in individual harsh working environment.

Advantages of industrial palletizing robots application:

  1. The palletizing capacity of the palletizing robot is much higher than that of the traditional palletizing machine and manual palletizing;
  2. The structure is very simple, the failure rate is low, and it is easy to maintain and repair;
  3. The main components are few spare parts, and the maintenance cost is very low;
  4. The power consumption is low, and the power consumption is about one-fifth of the mechanical palletizer;
  5. The palletizing robot can be set up in a narrow space, with high efficiency in site use and flexible application;
  6. All operations can be done by hand on the control cabinet screen, and the operation is very simple;
  7. The application of palletizing robots is very flexible, and one robot can handle products from multiple production lines at the same time;
  8. The stacking type and the number of stacking layers can be set arbitrarily, and the stacking type is neat, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

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