Pallet inverter is getting popular

The requirements of modern industrial production for production efficiency have reached a limit, which not only comes from the fierce competition in the industry, but also because of the continuous increase in labor costs. How to complete more work tasks in the same time, or complete the same labor with shorter time and less manpower has been the goal pursued by various enterprises.

However, years of development and reform have made the room for improvement in efficiency smaller and smaller. While pursuing higher efficiency, we should also change the direction of optimization and reconsider the unreasonable planning that may exist in our entire production and supporting process. Maybe sometimes efficiency is not limited because workers are too slow or the machines’ motors aren’t fast enough. In many cases, it is the processes and operating procedures that require fundamental changes.

Recently, pallet inverters have become more and more popular as a tool that can quickly turn entire stacks of goods. Different from the previous operation mode of manual handling one by one, the pallet inverter machine can separate the goods and the pallets without moving the goods, so that the pallets can be replaced more efficiently, quickly and easily.

Not only that, when the individual package of the goods is damaged and located at the bottom of the pallet, the pallet inverter machine can more easily replace the damaged package after turning the goods 180 degrees instead of moving the whole stack of goods just to replace this piece of package. At the same time, in some special industries such as cold chain, slaughterhouse and so on. Before the goods enter the freezer, a freezer spacer will be sandwiched between the cartons to prevent sticking after freezing. However, due to the bulk and weight of the whole stack of goods, it is very laborious to manually remove the freezer spacer at the time of delivery. After the pallet inverter turns the entire stack of goods 90 degrees, it becomes extremely easy for workers to remove the freezer spacers.

So, the pallet inverter made us realize that the workflow and method we are accustomed to may be carried out in a completely different form, and the effect is better and more efficient.

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