Pallets with Chip

Due to the wide variety of pallets, they are widely used and have important connections. They are in the central position in the efficiency of various logistics links, such as loading, unloading, handling, storage, transportation and packaging, and have a very important connection function. Therefore, although pallets are only a small appliance, they are widely used. Reflect the rationality and efficiency of handling, storage, transportation and packaging operations.

Without the serialization standards of relevant facilities, equipment, devices, tools, etc. based on pallets, we can only rationalize the local logistics, and it is difficult to rationalize the overall logistics.

The pallet intelligent chip is the only tray chip with communication function in the industry at present. Embedding the chip into the pallet can make each pallet have a unique identity, so as to facilitate accurate management, positioning and tracking. In addition, with the help of low-power Internet of things technology, the chip can be used for up to 3-5 years (different pallet use frequencies will lead to differences). Through the practical application of big data algorithm, it has realized the binding of goods with pallet information, helped industrial enterprises realize the low-cost digital supply chain capability, and also shortened the pallet transportation cycle and occupation cycle, accelerated the pallet operation efficiency, and greatly integrated the idle pallet resources through the pallet digital standard management.

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