Flow type sealing and shrink wrapping machine

The flow type packaging machine is the latest automatic continuous shrink wrapping equipment in packaging industry. It adopts the common electric furnace wire heating method. Characterized by fast heating, good stability, low maintenance cost, etc. The shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable. Wide range for adjustment and continuous working mode. With the advanced design, the machine achieves stable and reliable performance, energy saving and high efficiency. The invention of this machine is aimed for users to take a leap into the future in terms of production capacity, safety and efficiency, both in terms of energy and consumables.

Flow type sealing and shrink packaging machine features:

  1. Single or arbitrary packaging;
  2. All sorts of shrink film can be applied to this machine;
  3. Beautiful structure with very convenient operation and maintenance, no need for special training;
  4. The anti-cutting safety clutch device will not damage the packaging;
  5. Increase the waste recycling device, the packaging is more beautiful, and the material is saved by about 3%-10% compared with the traditional packaging machine;
  6. Color touch screen control system, easy to operate and beautiful in appearance; PLC control makes the system more stable, reliable, and has low failure rate; bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independently, easy to operate and accurate;
  7. It can be equipped with a coding machine or an inkjet printer, without the need for manual labor;
  8. With motor brake control, the equipment is responsive;
  9. The heat shrinkable furnace has high-efficiency dual temperature zones, high-efficiency thermal sub-circulation, stepless speed change, and automatic temperature control to ensure shrinkage quality.
Shrink packaging
Shrink packaging

Application scope of flow type sealing and shrink packaging machine:
Group packaging of food and beverages, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, wallpaper, exercise books, filters, electrical switches, all kinds of stationery, industrial parts and body packaging of daily cosmetics, etc. Good shrinkage effect and nice exterior will make your product become popular in the market.

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