Three-dimensional packaging machine pneumatic technology application

Pneumatic technology is one of the more effective means of automation in the production process of three-dimensional packaging machines. It has the characteristics of cleanness, safety, low cost, easy maintenance and high efficiency. It is also often used in the light industry. The use of pneumatic technology in the three-dimensional packaging machine can shorten the auxiliary time of processing, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and give full play to the performance of the equipment.

For the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, its main functions include: on the basis of ensuring the quality of the packaging machine, the manufacturing cost and production technology preparation cost of the packaging machine are minimized, the equipment has a comparative advantage in price, and the market competitiveness is improved. ;The technical documents of the equipment can reflect the technical requirements and design ideas to guide the production, which can avoid the low quality and other losses caused by the inadequate design of the drawings. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the technical documents of the equipment. According to the materials, the cost of the packaging machine is 70%. % is determined by the design, and the proportion of the cost of design work is much less than that of the cost of manufacturing; another is to ensure the nature and function of the packaging machine, the designed products need to meet the technical requirements. goals to meet user needs.

In the food packaging industry, the three-dimensional packaging machine must meet some regulations and requirements of food equipment safety, and the requirements for the working environment are relatively high. If the pneumatic components are not properly selected, some abnormal phenomena will occur in the production process. Most of today’s three-dimensional packaging machines integrate electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components. There is an inseparable connection between each component. When one part fails, it will affect the normal operation of other parts. For this reason, The design of the pneumatic part of the three-dimensional packaging machine needs to be considered comprehensively to meet the needs of users as much as possible.

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